Dean Thorpe


Dean Thorpe is a speaker, presenter and business owner.  Since setting up and establishing his own highly successful business, Dean has developed a separate company providing business support working with people and businesses of all shapes and sizes, sharing with them the secrets of the success that he and his team have enjoyed and achieved.

The tools and coaching methods help develop people in terms of profitability, growth and performance.  Focus on sales and new-style selling techniques being paramount and a core principle of the programme.

Following ever increasing demand for his time, Dean launched a series of Success Workshops providing a forum for individuals as well as business people to develop, grow and become more successful. Using his own unique style, combining business alignment and change management principles with the latest neuro-linguistic techniques, the workshops are proving to make a fantastic difference to the lives of the delegates attending.

His book, The 60 Day Success Blog, takes the reader on a similar journey as the workshops empowering them to create and benefit from their own definition of success.

Dean Thorpe is the author of:

The Sixty Day Success Blog